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dock builder newly built dock


We have many years of experience in building docks and floating docks, to fit any project’s needs. Starting with the framing, we use a variety of construction materials, from natural hardwood to high-strength aluminum. A dock decking can also be custom designed, from utilizing a modern through-flow look, to the classic hardwood or composite wood-grained decking. Regardless of the material, that is selected, all our docks are built to be structurally durable, to last even through the harshest weather conditions. They are also built to be aesthetically pleasing, which will increase your overall waterfront property value!

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dock builder bulkhead


If you’re looking to protect your waterfront property from harsh conditions or strong erosion, look no further. Our bulkheads are built strong to last, using hand-selected materials, to fit your style and need. We have experience installing standard vinyl, as well as the new high-end fiberglass, galvanized steel and aluminum sheets. Pilings are also hand-selected, to meet your design. Depending on the style of your bulkhead, you have the choice of different types of pilings to be installed: steel, fiberglass, pressure-treated wood and/ or Greenhart natural wood.
Sheets are driven and pilings are drilled into the ground to depths that ensure the bulkhead’s strength and safety. The bulkhead is then secured with high-strength, hot-dipped galvanized bolts and 3/16’’ stainless steel tiebacks.

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dock builder showing pier completed


Piers and catwalks can be custom designed to meet your particular needs, and are long-lasting, with high quality. Materials are selected to suit your style, from the classic wood design to diamond grate. Catwalks are also hand selected from galvanized steel to aluminum.

If your pier or catwalk is in need of repair, our company can take care of this as well for you.

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dock builder rock revetment completed job


Rock revetment, also known as “rip-rap”, is stone and rock placed, to absorb energy from incoming water and prevent erosion. Using rocks native to Long Island and/or high-strength quarry stone, we hand select those that will fit the landscape providing an aesthetically pleasing, yet natural, rock revetment barrier.

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dock builder marine dredging


When depths become too shallow, it often becomes necessary to dredge. Dredging is the removal of sand, debris and sedimentation on the bottom of a waterway. This becomes necessary, when depths become too shallow for boats to navigate.

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dock builder marine salvage


We offer services for marine salvage, to recover your assets, such as storm-damaged boats, sunken boats and perform beach recovery. We have the equipment and know-how to retrieve your property quickly and efficiently. 

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Dock Builder Services and Marine Construction

We have many services for your property, keeping it in top shape in the water. Leave it to us to help you prepare for the wrath of winter, which can take a toll on your dock. We are experienced at performing seasonal maintenance, offering services to remove floating docks, clean them and shrink wrap them for the season. We then reinstall them in the spring.

As for protection for your pilings, during the winter season, we place heaters and bubblers, in the water near the pilings, to ensure the water, surrounding the pilings, does not freeze and potentially lift them up from the ground.

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